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A new level of NFT creation unlocked

A new level of NFT creation unlocked

A new level of NFT creation unlocked

A first of its kind web3 convention NFT TALLINN recently recorded a huge success. It was held on the 6th of April 2022, in Estonia. It had top NFT speakers in attendance including William Entriken (the lead architect for the ERC-721 standard), Avery Akkineni (the president for VanyerNFT), and David Princay (the head of marketing in Europe for Binance) among others. The event attracted a high caliber of speakers and has about 32 sessions. It aimed to highlight the significance of NFT beyond digital arts with unique codes and the team pulled it off. Reporting in an article, Sander Gansen the co-founder of NFT Tallinn wrote:

“The first edition of NFT Tallinn was a huge success. We wanted to exhibit the various use cases for blockchain technology, specifically utility NFTs outside the financial sector and the art market. We hoped that this would result in a better understanding and higher acceptance of these new technologies by the legacy markets. We undoubtedly achieved this goal”

Plutoview’s booth at NFT Tallinn was hosted by founder & CEO Arkadiy Baltser and CBO Gleb Braverman. The pair were also invited to speak on a chain gaming panel, on which they discussed the blockchain ecosystem. The event featured a spectacular activity aside from the discussions and speeches, this was the Live Drawing Event with a charity auction. Plutoview partnered in the NFT TLN with innovative collaborative metaverse tool - drawing portal. The attendees were taken on a roller coaster ride of excitement and creativity being able to experience multi-drawing and creation of NFTs. This was done LIVE from Plutoview's booth. In a media publication, the founder of Plutoview: Arkadiy Baltser expressed this achievement by ,saying:

“Thanks again to all who have joined us this week at NFT Tallinn! We have managed to accomplish so much in a very short time; Participated in the on-chain gaming panel with Edilson Osorio Junior Showcased our multi user drawing experience powered by Plutoview, with more than 200 participants Produced and sold NFTs, raising $5,000 for charity. All of this in a matter of 8 hours. We are proud to be a part of such a vibrant, caring, and future-driven community”.

Recall that Plutoview is an innovative Boston-based startup inventing tools for better collaboration in the digital world and metaverses. Over time, it has developed co-browsing products that enable collaboration with users from all over the world. It has equally developed a similar spectacular product for metaverses. Plutoview metaverse Product takes virtual relationship to a greater height. You could shop, work, have fun or even party with friends and lovers virtually from anywhere in the world. Yet, the feeling would be as realistic as conventional meetings. The recent Creatively innovative product is the co-drawing. We took the creation of NFTs to a better level through this. It gives the freedom to collaborate with any artist from all over the world regardless of location. It made a huge impact at the recent NFT Tallinn convention, and a generous sum of 5,000 was generated through this for charity to Ukrainians. Safe to say, Welcome to a new dimension of creative virtual drawing.

The founder of Plutoview has ascertained that this is just one of many more to come. There will be more drawing experiences events where web3 enthusiasts can generate NFTs through co-drawing and where web3 team members scattered can work and invent in synchronizations efficiently with Our products.

The ideas are so refreshing and remarkable. This period of evolution and innovations is a good time to be alive.

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