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Pivotal partnership with Teamflow

Pivotal partnership with Teamflow

Pivotal partnership with Teamflow

Teamflow is an “all-in-one virtual office” spearheaded by its CEO & founder Flo Crivello in March 2020.


Much like Plutoview, the company began on the heels of a global pandemic, which was seemingly the perfect time for such a product to go on the market. With remote work becoming the status quo, companies were looking to maintain a stable work culture and environment when such a task seemed far too tall for most.

When Teamflow hit the market in January, 2021, the program needed to integrate a co-browsing solution to maximize its potential as a product. Plutoview happened to be that perfect solution for Teamflow and the two finally married when Teamflow implemented Plutoview’s co-browsing in July 2021.

“[Plutoview] has been a major factor in sales goals for us at Teamflow,” Crivello said. “People are always asking, ‘do you integrate with [unintelligible], do you integrate with Notion? And our answer always is “no, we have a shared browser!”

Teamflow’s mission is to simulate the in-office experience, and Crivello believes that, with Plutoview, his customers can share their browsing experiences with each other just as effectively as they could if they were together in person.

“It’s very weird and awkward to just share your screen with someone,” he said. “I think a shared browser is a good thing for the world to have, so I’m pretty sure it’s something will take for granted pretty soon.”

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