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Plutoview widened its reach by 100TM

Plutoview widened its reach by 100TM

Plutoview widened its reach by 100TM

Plutoview recently collaborated with the innovative start-up 100 TM. As the world is currently inclining towards everyone actively participating in making life more sustainable, Plutoview is super charged to be a part of the few notable projects that are here to facilitate this evolution. It has cut itself a large chunk of duty in making sure the world evolves to be better. The mission was simple: To create a world where everyone has equal access to the tools that help them become successful in work and in life. It has positioned itself as the bridge that every project needs in recent times to scale up, evolve and stand out.

The Plutoview team understands that the success of their innovative products lies majorly in getting across and ensuring every interested individual benefits from them. This is why the project has been collaborating with like minds to spread its tentacles and reach out to larger networks. It has collaborated with the notable: CanuDAO, mintbase, Teamflow, etc. The recent of such collaboration is with 100TM.

100 TM is a sustainable city builder start-up. It is an establishment that aims to enable a global transition to building sustainable cities in the next decade. By leveraging current proven technology and collective knowledge, it is possible to design and build cities that reduce our carbon footprint. All while creating a new standard of living, based on sustainability. 100TM believes that if our footprints could cause ecological effects on the earth, then we could all come together to save the planet as well. This is because the earth is home to us and our generations to come. Their vision and mission is fully supported by a team of highly experienced people who left their top-ranked jobs to build a sustainable future people want to live.

The Team is headed by Alberto Scherb: an Angel investor with 20+ years of Business Experience. He has extensive experience from notable companies like Apple, Nest, Google, Flextronics, Palm and other startups funded by SoftBank or acquired by Apple. The Head of R&D, Future+ Cofounder is Jaime Alvarez Gerding, who has ample experience in tackling complex challenges; sustainable mining, natural disasters, water availability from an anticipatory perspective. Andro Lindsay as the Head of Business Development, Cofounder is a Global technology entrepreneur with a strong focus on innovation and with extensive experience of +20 years in business development and growth in Latin America. While Chris Staggs is the head of strategic real estate development and asset value creator Architect and Urbanist.

Alberto Scherb, CEO on why they decided to work with Plutoview:

“First, we were focused on RL only. Then Gleb (CBO at Plutoview) connected the dots and introduced 100TM to the web3 communities and NFT. After meeting Arkadiy and seeing his vision for what can be done it was a no-brainer. Passion-Technology-and more passion drives ideas like ours forward. “

Arkadiy Baltser: Founder/CEO of Plutoview equally expressed his thoughts on this

“We’re pumped to partner with 100TM to move forward web3 technologies to create a more sustainable world. As we share core values of 100TM, we hope it will be a long-lasting partnership that consequently will lead to positive and valuable changes in our world.”

Plutoview is on a mission to make the world much better. It has a clear vision and is equipped with a team of go-getters. The project is reaching out to the world, a collaboration at a time.

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