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Product Hunt journey. Launching a second time.

Product Hunt journey. Launching a second time.

Product Hunt journey. Launching a second time.

There are a lot of different opinions — on really how much benefit a product gets from launching on PH. And what to do to get to the top? Plutoview has made it to the top two times so far, and we do have some experience to share.

Our first launch was a graduate success. We made it to the Top 5 the day of the launch. The following week we powered on our networking skills and brought Plutoview to the #1 Product of the Week and #4 Product of the Month that followed. We thought it to be a phenomenal success because this was the first PH launching experience for me and the team. Although, we were enormously lucky to have an experienced Hunter, Tristan Pollock, help us hunt our first and our second launch as well.

Success tip #1: Having an experienced hunter on your side is an important part of your PH launch success. Hunters bring their PH network and their experience launching successful campaigns to the table, and this is an essential factor especially for a product trying PH out for the first time.

This fall we had to showcase our move into the API integration space, a crucial pivot for Plutoview. And it deserved a full release on PH. We recognized that many people in the PH community are founders potentially interested in what we planned to offer. Our team had nailed the demographic with PH in this sense. This is why we needed to have a successful PH launch.

Success tip #2: Always think about the targeted audience and whether your product suits it on Product Hunt.

Experienced with the first launch, we approached the second one with much more knowledge of how and what to do. We knew that the launch had to be perfectly timed to facilitate the growth that gets us to the top. This meant launching exactly at 12:01 am PST. We directed a lot of attention to the messaging behind our campaign. We had to focus on Product Hunters: which includes benefits, support, instant replies. It’s the PH community that gets you to the top at the end of the day, and this means we had to engage with every supporter. Although, we did spend a lot of time reaching out to the communities that the team was a part of. A lot of these communities are tech and startup-related. It meant that members had PH accounts, and they were ready and happy to show their support. Having verified and experienced PH users support your launch is an important factor. Finally, the more people you bring the better it is. The more history your supporters have on PH, the higher value they bring to the table. Make sure to engage people before your launch and during your launch as extensively as possible. Think of your PH launch as a 24-hour marathon. We had to be the most intriguing, exciting, and proactive company on the roaster, to make sure we get to and remain in the Top 3 of the day.

Success tip #3: Devote time for the preparation.

It was our highest priority to get to the Top 3 products of the day. The goal is to get as much attention that day as possible, get as many upvotes as we can. We had encouraged the communities that we’re a part of to come to support us on PH. We did everything to secure a good amount of people before we could compete for the top places. Startup-related communities and group chats are the best places to source initial support.

Success tip #4: Ask people for feedback, not upvotes.

As for results, we had the following: TOP #2 Product of the Day 111 comments 400 upvotes 30+ demos requested

We hit all of our goals with the second PH launch! It is the place to get the feedback your product needs and the attention it deserves, and we got all of that!

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